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Voices from women and girls

Today, in 29 October, Nepal has got the first female president in its history. The new president is expected to further participation of women in the society and in the field of politics.

However, women and girls have been suffering from many difficulties after the great earthquake in April.
According to the research by the United Nations, 70% of women are spending more time than before for taking care of children and family members or labor like drawing water. It also shows the fact that 70% of women have shortened their time for rest and sleep. There is also a report saying that after the earthquake the number of trafficking in girls has got increased twice as much as in the normal.

What you can see in Nepal is these difficulties for female, but we can also find that women are positively stepping forward to the future, like a schoolgirl saying that  she “will study hard to become a teacher or nurse” after JEN gave her the school supplies.

JEN believes that distributing the school supplies encouraged and gave an opportunity for improving the education standard of the girls.  Monitoring it until the middle of November, JEN will continue to support Nepal.

[Women in Nepal work very hard]

[Both girls and boys go to school]

Your kind contribution will be delivered to people who were affected by the disaster through JEN.

October 29, 2015 in Nepal |