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Village Elders

Village Elders (VEs) are one of the most important stakeholders of JEN’s on-going project for temporarily dislocated people in Protection of Livestock project in district Bannu, KP province. VEs are part of JEN’s Livestock Management Committees (LMC) where other members in the committee are comprised of Livestock Extension Workers (LEWs), Livestock department staff and private veterinary practitioners. Capitalizing upon the influential role of VEs, JEN has assigned them a responsibility to keep check on LEWs and beneficiaries. Main responsibilities of LEWs and beneficiaries is to utilize the resources to its fullest provided by JEN such as Livestock Feed, Shelter and Livestock First Aid Kit and follow coordination mechanism with Livestock Department.

Mr. Ghulam is one of the VEs working with JEN as member of LMC. He is living in JEN’s target area since dislocation last year in June from his hometown in North Waziristan Agency. He lives in a small rented house with his family. He himself is owner of two cows and two goats.

Mr. Ghulam checks on the responsibilities of LEWs. He takes feedback from the community regarding LEWs activities. He motivates and reminds LEWs for their due task whenever he feels a gap. Performing such work smoothly, it has become one of the major role of village elders.



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