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The repair work of the water source completed

The repair work of the water source has been completed at the Grand Goave district and the Bas Gerard area.

Before the repair work was completed, the water had been flowed out from the cracks covered by concrete. Therefore, there was a possibility that the polluted water got into the water source due to its backward flow. In addition, the amount of the water in the water tanks decreased by leaking.

We repaired and strengthened the water source by concrete. It will make possible to provide safe water and ensure more amount of water.

In the Bas Gerard area, safe water has been supplied to residents through the “kiosk type water supply facility” and the private running water. The water source being polluted leads to pollute all the water supply facilities. JEN will continue our support in order for residents to access safe water.

<The water source before being repaired> >

<The water source after being repaired>

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October 8, 2015 in Haiti |