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The Refugee's diseases

In the random aggregates of the Iraqi refugees and the refugees camps of Al Anbar , Diyala and Kirkuk , the epidemic diseases diffused because of the hard hot weather in summer and cold weather in winter , expired medicine and drinking a direct water from the lake.  There are no regular visiting from the hygienic teams to the refugees camps or to the random aggregates. In the summer there are different types of diseases like the diarrhea, lice, and pectoral diseases.

It is difficult to treat these diseases because of the shortage in the availability of medicine and limited visits of hygienic teams from ministry of health. On other hand they undergo from the afflicting of the snake & scorpion in the camps.

Most of Iraqi refugees have a poor status and don’t have the ability of private treatment for the diseases, more than half million babies and children from the Iraqi refugees need the hygienic caring.

“random aggregates”:IDPs become groups settled in any place wherever there is space

[Refugees in camps]

[Refugees in random aggregates]

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