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Next Support Activities to Move onto

Record-breaking rainfall in September breached levees in inland areas of Miyagi Prefecture, causing immense damages on the areas. Responding to calls by organization working in the Oshika Peninsula after the earthquake, locals in Ishinomaki voluntarily joined clearing houses of sludge in the flood-ravaged areas.

【The Kahokushinpou Reports Bank in Osaki, Miyagi Collapsed.】

【The Kahokushinpou Reports Volunteers Busy Removing Sludge.】

These days, we can expect disasters caused by torrential rains, volcano eruptions, and landslides anywhere at any time. It’s vital for us to do something to help disaster evacuees in corporation with others in times of emergency. What is heartening to us is that there are willing helpers among people who have experienced the Tohoku earthquake, as we saw in the recent flooding where people in Ishinomaki took prompt action in corporation with organizations.

The city of Ishinomaki was heavily damaged by the Great East Tohoku Earthquake, but thanks to support from all over the world, its key industry has achieved reconstruction and its communities are gradually recovering, new movements found to be created.

【The Removal of Sludge at Tsukinoura】

【The Relocation of Minato Junior High School】

Since setting up its liaison office in Ishinomaki, JEN has been making continued efforts to help develop local communities, and has decided to close the office at the end of this October because the needs for on-site activities have changed. From now on, our continued support to the communities will be delivered through recovery assistance organizations based in the disaster hit areas.

【JEN is now asking for donations. Click here to donate】

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