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Need for Educational Revolution

The Afghan education suffered a lot from lack of qualified, trained teachers. Indeed, many teachers had no more than a primary-school education and/or inadequate knowledge of their subjects and no modern teaching methods. This is all because Afghanistan has passed many years of war and still they are burning in the war. As you all know that no nation can develop without quality or modern education, that builds the nations and become the cause of prosperity which gives the path that leads towards bright future. JEN has worked a lot for the last five years to help Afghan students to make their education level in good manner.

JEN conducted need assessment for 2016 in districts Charikar and Shinwari in Parwan province. In total 106 schools were visited during need assessment survey, 63 schools in district Charikar and 43 schools in district Shinwari. Besides having unqualified and untrained teachers, the need assessment survey showed the lack of wash facilities, schools building in bad condition, no boundary wall of schools and on the top of all these schools had no safe drinking water.

All these things needs to be addressed to help Afghan students getting their basic rights of good education so that they can improve their standard of living and can help their socioeconomic matters. JEN is looking forward to improve facilities of these schools and to train teachers as much as possible. Contribution from each sector of society is required to join hands to realize afghan educational revolution.

[School in Charikar district]

[School in Shinwari district]]

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