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Really Thanks for Coming

Hello, this is Namaste Team.

This week we want to report the situation of the distribution of galvanized plates.

In this week, we distributed galvanized plates to 155 households in the disaster area to reinforce their temporary housing in Kavre County, Nayagaun Village.

The main target of the distribution was people who have been in economically hard situation since before the disaster, people who were called Dalit, that meant the low position of caste and could not afford to have place to live. They could not buy materials to reinforce their houses because their money supplied from Nepalese Government was enough only for their food. So they had to build their temporary housing by weak materials like bamboo and wood. They had to live in housings which roof had holes and raindrops fell into their housings.

That was why JEN determined to distribute galvanized plates so that they can reinforce their roofs.
After distribution, people in the village talked with smiles, “We are finally able to sleep under the fine roofs. Up to now we have been suffering from the leaky roofs , but thanks to these galvanized plates, we must be able to spend the winter season without troubles.”
They also said, “Though other agencies were also talking about distribution of galvanized plates, only JEN executed it. We really appreciate you.”

JEN started to dispatch residence staffs to Nepal from Jun. To support the sufferers’ recovery, we already distributed commodity and bedclothes to 1,568 households and galvanized plates to 155 households. We also supplied stuffs for study to over 2,600 students.

However, over 500,000 people still need supports to fulfill basic needs, for example offering shelter, education, foods and medical services. We, JEN continue to be base in the village until the end of this month to continue the activities. After that, we are going to follow the situation in Nepal by visits and interview from cooperating organizations in Nepal.

【It needs to be careful to carry galvanized plate on dangerous roads】

【Ladies and kids are waiting for the distribution】

【Villagers check the galvanized plates】

【JEN is now accepting donations. Your help would be very much appreciated.

October 22, 2015 in Nepal |