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Education in Afghanistan

This time, we try to tell about the environment surrounding Afghan education.

Regarding the literacy rate of people above 15 years old, it is 45.4 % in male and 17.0 % in female※.
When we compare it with Japan’s rate which is almost 100%, we can see that there is a very big difference.  The school environments surrounding education are not in sufficient condition either. Since about half of schools do not have usable building, they manage the classes in the field. About 70% of school buildings lack boundary walls, 30% of schools lack safe drinking water and 60% of schools lack sanitation facilities like toilets※. Such a situation prevents children from attending school. So, it can lead to a decrease in the school attendance rate. And, as mentioned above, it becomes the cause of a decline of literacy rate.

In such Afghanistan, JEN has conducted in 3 schools environment improvement projects by the grant of the Japan Platform since March of this year. And in two schools, the construction of classrooms, the toilets, the boundary walls and the boundary walls was finally completed last month in September. We were able to be one step forward so that Afghan children can receive classes in secure and safe environment.





We just hope Afghan children to attend school with more confidence and take more opportunities to touch on education along with our support.

※ Afghanistan National Education for All Review Report, 2015

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