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【Breaking news】JEN making action as an emergency assistance for the earthquake in Afghanistan and Pakistan

A day after the Afghanistan and Pakistan earthquake, which happened in the north Afghanistan, more than 300 casualties were already confirmed in the affected area. The affected area in Afghanistan is the area  under the control by the armed group.  Therefore, there is only a little access to the information and we are trying to get a whole picture of damages there. As the damages in Pakistan become clear, we assume that the situation and the number of the victims in Afghanistan will get worse.

JEN has already been working in the area around the epicenter. Since the affected area is located in a mountainous area, there is a high possibility that those affected area is left behind the assistance. Considering those facts, we concluded that emergency assistance is urgently needed.

Please kindly support our emergency assistance for the earthquake in Afghanistan and Pakistan. We are truly appreciated with your contribution.

For the donation by credit card, please visit here.

October 27, 2015 in Afghanistan |