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People in Nepal and their self-sustainability

Hello, my name is Rajeeb in Namaste Team.
Today I will talk about people in Nepal and their self-sustainability.

【Rajeeb and kids】

Nearly 5 months has passed after April 2015 Nepal earthquake. However, 2.8 million people are still in need of support. It has been taking long time to provide support because of closed roads from rainy season or caused by demonstrations. In some cases, we have to wait until the dry-season comes, sometime till October, to aid delivery.

We often hear that everybody in community in Nepal are helping and supporting each other in such difficult situation with serious damage. I’m deeply touched by these stories.

One of the stories we heard is like this. A private residence at the back of JEN’s office was in danger of collapse after the earthquake. People in the community hand in hand tore down the building safely with their own repair tools. People at farming village help each other cleaning up rubbles and fixing roads. Young people and kids deliver relief supplies and water for people in delicate health and the elderly. Everyone is helping each other.

【People maintain road in village】

JEN had talked with people in each village of Kavre, Sindhupalchok, and Nuwakot District and decided the content of aid supplies. Our decision was derived from an understanding of their strong spirit of helping each other and their will for self-sustaining.
One of the relief goods is school supplies. JEN hope to help children continue to get education by providing the school goods. We think this may result in cultivating human resources capable of contributing in building disaster-resistant nation

【A boy receiving school supplies with a little bit nervous look】

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September 17, 2015 in Nepal |