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Community Empowerment Workshop

Our current project in Sri Lanka is to hold several workshops. The first one took place in end-August called the Empowering Community Workshop. The purpose was to create a community like the Agricultural Cooperative, but also so the members who are local residents can share knowledge to work together.


Topics include "What you can get from community activity", "What is leadership?", "Problem solving technique", "How to deal with conflict", "Establishing a good relationship with the municipal government", "Analyzing stakeholder", and "Teamwork".


Among the workshops, we included many group works and games. The picture shows the group work to enhance teamwork. The leader sitting at the front decides the direction of the workshop, and then the whole team moves their legs and works together to move forward.


Sometimes the line got congested and broke off when trying to make a turn, but everyone did their best to work together.


Activities of the agricultural cooperatives will be challenging. Despite the difficulties, we hope that it will be enjoyable and that by participating in these workshops, the participants will become motivated to be part of the community.

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September 7, 2015 in Sri Lanka |