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Medicines to heal their heartache

Hello, this is Namaste team.

We had lots of challenge to distribute relief supplies because of a
landslide by rain this week. However, as planned, we could complete to
distribute school supplies to 2600 students who go to 12 public schools in
Bhimtal village of Sindhupalchok and Nayagaun village of Kavre, with
support by people in those villages.

【it is hard to cross the river due to rain】


【we carry white board on the mountain road. It is hard work】

【children checking the contents】

【children cleaned up the packing together after they received the supplies】

【children with joys】

When we distributed the school supplies, the school principle, the parents
and the students sent great message to us

For example, the school principle said as follows with seeing the children
are carrying their school bags.

“By using the same goods, children can be united smoothly. People in this
village can also work hard together.”

Parents said as follows

“Just one hour after the earthquake, we looked around schools in our
village and found the schools broke down.  Since we worked hard to be a
number one village of the education in Kavre, we were completely at our
wit's end.  However, we want to recover as the number one village of
education in Kavre by ourselves.  We’ve started to talk with our village
development committee, and then met JEN.  JEN provided school supplies
which made our children happy.  We felt like we received medicines to heal
our pains.

A girl at 5th grade shared her dream. Her dream is to continue study and
become a nurse.

With their words, we feel that the school supplies could also support the
revival of children and people in the villages.

We will continue to support the revival of their life in Nepal by
distributing kitchen supplies, dishes, bed clothes and galvanized iron

Your kind contribution will be delivered to people who were affected by the disaster through JEN.

September 24, 2015 in Nepal |