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Starting construction of a new kiosk shaped water facility

JEN Haiti has started to construct a new kiosk shaped water facility in our project site, Bas Gerard in Grand Goave. Although renovation of 4 kiosks has been done this year, 4th kiosk has used by many people. In order to prevent conflicts between users, and to reduce waiting time to take water, we initiate construction of a kiosk which is 250m away from 4th kiosk. 

A lady who lives near construction of 5th kiosk said “It took me 45 minutes to go to fetch water on foot at water spring before. After 4th kiosk completed, it took 25 minutes, and 10 minutes to get water when construction of 5th kiosk finished.”

5th kiosk water facility will be used by 35 households around this area and 15 households living in other 2 communities near Bas Gerard.

【Under the construction of 5th kiosk water facility】

【People wash clothes near kiosk】

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September 24, 2015 in Haiti |

Good luck to an international staff

It is very nice experience for us to work with Japanese colleagues(called the international staff) in JEN. We have learned so many things from them which are improving our capacity. We have learned that honesty with the job is one of the most important things and if we are honest with it, we will be punctual automatically and we will enjoy the work. 

Since 2005 we had chance to work with many Japanese colleagues and all of them were exceptional. When they come to work with us, we enjoy time with them and we sometimes have parties together, but at that time we forget that those staffs are not here forever and they have to leave. Whenever they announce about their departure, everyone becomes sad and remember those lovely days which we spent together.

Our Japanese colleague, Megumi Fujita will leave Pakistan after completion of her 3 years mission. She adopted our culture and society so well and she was visiting colleague’s houses to celebrate happiness and encourage during the sad moments. She is one of the best expatriate staffs who do their best in the job and try to do more than her TORs. We are all happy that she was happy in Pakistan and going with the pride like all other Japanese staffs. We wish her best of luck in the future!

[Staffs of Islamabad]

[Mango party]

From the staffs JEN Afghanistan and Pakistan

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September 24, 2015 in Pakistan |

Dream bags distribution to students in 2015

Every year JEN distributed dream bags to the selected schools in the targeted area. The main purpose of the distribution is to help the deserving students and bring smile to their faces. Those areas were selected where the economic situation is not good and people are in trouble. These bags are distributed by the help of RKK.


Like previous years, JEN decided to distribute the dream bags to the students in 2015 as well. JEN decided to distribute 5,090 dream bags to the students in 2015. These dream bags will be distributed to the students of 17 schools in Charikar district. Afghan team started the distribution to the students on September 8th 2015. The distribution will be completed by October 5th 2015.These schools were selected because the children in these schools are poor and face financial difficulties. Their parents are mainly farmer or skilled / unskilled labor.

The targeted children are from first to third grade in elementary school. Dream bags contain stationeries, toys and small color pens, which are not affordable for the parents. Students can use stationaries for their class work and home work, while toys can bring joy and smile on their faces.

RKK dream bags distribution is very important and it can play a vital role in the life of small students and their parents. Parents struggle for their children to make them educated and spend good life, not like them to work in farms because of being uneducated. It can also help in controlling the drop out in the schools.

The number of targeted areas is increased from one year to another year. Number of dream bags was 4,770 in 2014, while number of dream bags was 5,090 in 2015. Keeping in mind the importance of RKK dream bags, JEN will continue this activity in 2016 as well and so on.

[View of dream bags distribution]

[Students looks busy while checking their dream bags]

[View of a happy students after receiving her dream bag]

Humaira Wahab
(Administrative and HR Assistant)

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September 24, 2015 in Afghanistan |

54 Months on: Ishinomaki Still in Transition

By this September 11th four and a half years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake, as make us realize how quickly time flies.

Ishinomaki, though worst affected by the earthquake, is now recovering. The renovation work on schools in the city have finished, and so students have moved from awkward makeshift classrooms to their reborn schools, returning to their normal school lives. The city’s key industry, fishery, has recovered to the extent that its fish haul reached as high as 80 percent of pre-quake level. To support the industry Ishinomaki fish market was reconstructed and now reborn into a world-class market. With the construction of coast infrastructure and housing for affected people proceeding at a fast pace, many support organizations are seen to take initiative to boost local development.

【Minato elementary school underwent aseismic reinforcement work】

【Ascidian harvest at the Oshika Peninsula】

While efforts to construct 4,500 public housing units for affected people by 2017 are now underway in Ishinomaki, there are still 133 cramped temporary quarters where as of August 1, 4,988 households are suffering many inconveniences. Temporary quarters are becoming empty every day as people continue moving to the public housing units to settle in new neighborhoods. The difference between neighborhoods that are ready to brace these people and ones that are not is becoming visible, which is presenting a new challenge.

【Nakasu, Ishinomaki City】

【Recently Completed Public Housing Units for Affected People(Uploaded Image)】

It’s said that the local government has no plan to integrate temporary quarters within this year, but people fear that necessity impels it to hasten the plan

You can see Ishinomaki continue developing day by day, but people living in the disaster stricken areas feel like “we have a long way to go to return to normal.” JEN will continue supporting locals until they can live with peace of mind.

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September 24, 2015 in Tohoku earthquake |

Medicines to heal their heartache

Hello, this is Namaste team.

We had lots of challenge to distribute relief supplies because of a
landslide by rain this week. However, as planned, we could complete to
distribute school supplies to 2600 students who go to 12 public schools in
Bhimtal village of Sindhupalchok and Nayagaun village of Kavre, with
support by people in those villages.

【it is hard to cross the river due to rain】


【we carry white board on the mountain road. It is hard work】

【children checking the contents】

【children cleaned up the packing together after they received the supplies】

【children with joys】

When we distributed the school supplies, the school principle, the parents
and the students sent great message to us

For example, the school principle said as follows with seeing the children
are carrying their school bags.

“By using the same goods, children can be united smoothly. People in this
village can also work hard together.”

Parents said as follows

“Just one hour after the earthquake, we looked around schools in our
village and found the schools broke down.  Since we worked hard to be a
number one village of the education in Kavre, we were completely at our
wit's end.  However, we want to recover as the number one village of
education in Kavre by ourselves.  We’ve started to talk with our village
development committee, and then met JEN.  JEN provided school supplies
which made our children happy.  We felt like we received medicines to heal
our pains.

A girl at 5th grade shared her dream. Her dream is to continue study and
become a nurse.

With their words, we feel that the school supplies could also support the
revival of children and people in the villages.

We will continue to support the revival of their life in Nepal by
distributing kitchen supplies, dishes, bed clothes and galvanized iron

Your kind contribution will be delivered to people who were affected by the disaster through JEN.

September 24, 2015 in Nepal |


Constructing Wells by Stepping Down Method

Speaking of assistance to regain livelihood, how can you “regain” “livelihood?” This time around, I’d like to answer to this question.

Returnees JEN is supporting are living in agricultural regions. Before the conflict, most of the households were engaged in agriculture. During the time while they were evacuating, however, lands were devastated, farming equipment and water supply facilities were stolen. After they came back to their homeland, they manage to engage in farming on a small scale during the rainy season. In the dry season, however, they have no choice but to do day-labor jobs and they are at risk of losing these jobs at any time. JEN is supporting these people that they will be able to engage in farming throughout the year and make a steady income.
One of these main support activities is to construct agricultural wells. As long as they have well water, they can continue farming even during the dry season when it never rains. Do you know how to build a well?
There are several methods to build a well. I will show you a special method among these.
It is called “Stepping Down Method.”
The usual method goes like this: you use an excavator and dig the ground 7.5 meters at once, pile up concrete blocks from the bottom, plaster both inside and outside, fill a gap between the wall and the well to finish, a well is completed.
On the other hand, the procedure of “Stepping Down Method” is a little different from that of this usual method.

1.Dig the ground by an excavator or by hand work 2 meters to 5 meters until water comes out.

2.Set up a Base Ring Beam (base).

3.Pile up blocks to 1 to 2 meters.


5.Wait until the well sinks by the weight of the blocks.

6.After the well sank, pile up the blocks and plaster again, repeat this procedure until the well sinks to the stated depth, add the finishing touches to the well, then it is completed.

【Image drawing of Stepping Down Method】

Why do we adopt a special method like this? It is because the project area in Kilinocci District is near the sea The soil is soft because it contains a lot of sand and clay. If you dig through the ground at once, the wall will collapse immediately When you construct a well by this Stepping Down Method, you can reduce the risk that the wall collapses since the well sinks silently into the sand on its own. 

The construction of the well started from the end of July and currently it is in the midst of the plan. The local people seem that they can hardly wait for the completion of the well, saying, “We will be free from conveying water from far-away wells again and again every day, which takes us more than 30 minutes each time.”  “We will be able to water the land any time.”, “We will be able to share water to nearby households who don’t have wells.”

We’d like to complete the construction of all the wells before November when the rainy season start.

Program Officer
Arisa Nishida

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September 17, 2015 in Sri Lanka |

People in Nepal and their self-sustainability

Hello, my name is Rajeeb in Namaste Team.
Today I will talk about people in Nepal and their self-sustainability.

【Rajeeb and kids】

Nearly 5 months has passed after April 2015 Nepal earthquake. However, 2.8 million people are still in need of support. It has been taking long time to provide support because of closed roads from rainy season or caused by demonstrations. In some cases, we have to wait until the dry-season comes, sometime till October, to aid delivery.

We often hear that everybody in community in Nepal are helping and supporting each other in such difficult situation with serious damage. I’m deeply touched by these stories.

One of the stories we heard is like this. A private residence at the back of JEN’s office was in danger of collapse after the earthquake. People in the community hand in hand tore down the building safely with their own repair tools. People at farming village help each other cleaning up rubbles and fixing roads. Young people and kids deliver relief supplies and water for people in delicate health and the elderly. Everyone is helping each other.

【People maintain road in village】

JEN had talked with people in each village of Kavre, Sindhupalchok, and Nuwakot District and decided the content of aid supplies. Our decision was derived from an understanding of their strong spirit of helping each other and their will for self-sustaining.
One of the relief goods is school supplies. JEN hope to help children continue to get education by providing the school goods. We think this may result in cultivating human resources capable of contributing in building disaster-resistant nation

【A boy receiving school supplies with a little bit nervous look】

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September 17, 2015 in Nepal |


Drought in Haiti

Drought has some harmful impact during rainy season between April and June. According to CNSA (Coordination Nationale de la Sécurité Alimentaire), this drought reduces harvest of agriculture production. It will below half of production compared to a normal year. The high probability that El Niño phenomenon continues, and weather forecasts indicate rain in below average until December, a performance lower than the normal. The rise of price associated with loss in crops is projected to reduce food access for poor households in south peninsula, department of north west, north east and south east (*1). In addition, lack of irrigation infrastructure and lower water level in rivers make living of farmers and rural population vulnerable.

At present, damage caused by drought is not conspicuous in Leogane, however, there is a possibility to get worse situation in the near future. JEN continues to ensure safe water access to contribute living of local people.

【People wash clothes in river of lower water level in our project site, Bas Gerard】

(*1) HAITI Perspectives sur la sécurité alimentaire (CNSA ,2015).

(*2) Bulletin humanitaire Haiti numéro 52/Juillet 2015(OCHA, 2015

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September 10, 2015 in Haiti |

Agriculture Support To Returnees In Khyber Agency, FATA

JEN has been working with affected people of complex emergency in KP/FATA since 2011. JEN has assisted more than 10,000 families in different sectors including Shelter/Non-Food Items, WASH and Food Security.

Recently JEN has started an agriculture support project for returnees of Khyber Agency in FATA. The people of Khyber Agency were temporarily displaced from their homes due to military operations against armed militants. As 6 years have passed and the situation started to settle, people started returning. (So far 54,599 families have returned to Khyber Agency and 32,217 families are still temporarily displaced from their homes. Source:UNOCHA)

JEN will target 1,150 returnee families in the agriculture support project. JEN will provide these returnee families with agriculture tool kits and seeds for farming and kitchen gardening. Purpose of the project is to help recover the livelihood and improve food security at household level.

Women are equal beneficiaries of JEN in this project where JEN will provide them with seeds of vegetables, tools and training to start production at their homes. It would help them to get nutritious food and become healthy.

Men who are the bread winners for their families will be given 50 kg of seeds, farming tools and training by the agriculture expert and government agriculture department. It would help them in their livelihood recovery efforts.

At the end of the project, JEN is expecting to improve food security status of the affected families and enable them to sustainably stay at their homes.

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September 10, 2015 in Pakistan |

Afghan team with the Samurai spirit

I have been involved in project operations in remote system from the Islamabad office of Pakistan as a Program Officer in charge of Afghanistan project. I have been always proud and honored to be able to work together with the Afghan team in the local because working with the Afghan staff has brought me lots of learning and countless excitement.
They have never complained no matter how hard the work is. They are always dedicated to do their best in silence and they have always put out the results. They turn themselves inside out to deliver what they promised, which gives me the impression as if they are Samurai. It is great, beautiful and touching that they strive for JEN’s duty with the thought and passion for reconstruction and development of the country.

Last year, there was an event that represented the temperament and spirit of Afghanistan staff. Since the project budget decreased last year, the number of maintenance to schools has been reduced. In the result, we had to terminate the employment contract of an engineering staff in December 2014. When I told it to the staff, he thanked me saying “one and a half years when I have been working with Jen is like a dream for me. I really thank you for hiring me. Even though I have to change my job, I am happy because I could find a lifelong friend at Jen. And, I would like sincerely to thank you for coming all the way to dangerous ground from Japan, and working for Afghanistan's national reconstruction. I appreciate from my heart.” I was so impressed by his straight words and feelings that tears overflowed. While I was very sorry for not being able to renewing the contract with him, I received gratitude to reverse. He made me think the important thing as a person. Later, we had an engineering post vacant in 2015, he came back again to JEN in April 2015.

As Afghanistan became the victim of a lot of wars and infightings, the security situation has not been stable and there have been lots of negative images such as terrorism. Therefore, I feel sorry that the good aspects of Afghanistan have not been transmitted to the world. I sincerely hope that someday, peace will return to Afghanistan and the beauty and the splendor of Afghan people will be known around the world.

Thank you very much for the people, who have always been supporting our Afghanistan projects. Taking this opportunity, I would like to offer warm thanks to you. And I am looking forward to your continuing support to Afghanistan.



Program Officer for Afghanistan
JEN Islamabad Office

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September 10, 2015 in Afghanistan |


Hello. This is Namaste Team.

This week, we distributed school supplies such as school bags, textbooks, and notebooks in Nayagon Village, Kavre County. We were able to give support to 1,250 pupils at six schools.



Everybody goes to school walking on a mountain path. We walked on the path for several days to distribute supplies and found that the path used up even adults’ energy. When the pupils received the supplies, they were pleased and walked very merrily.



After the earthquake, many families got impoverished in Nepal. Poverty of the households led children to face with dangerous situations like child labor, human traffic and child marriage. JEN’s support for letting children go to school helps protect the children’s safety and rights.

UNICEF and several international NGOs worked together to carry out a survey of 1,838 pupils in May and June, following the earthquake. The survey revealed what the children felt about this earthquake and what they suggested for the future recovery. Many children want their homes and schools to be earthquake-proof. Also, according to the survey, it is most important for children to be able to keep going to school after the earthquake.

Along with the distribution of school supplies, JEN will build disaster-proof schools and community, discussing the ways to get over the present hardships with children, teachers and parents. We are going forward to restoration, respecting locals’ independence.


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September 10, 2015 in Nepal |


Community Empowerment Workshop

Our current project in Sri Lanka is to hold several workshops. The first one took place in end-August called the Empowering Community Workshop. The purpose was to create a community like the Agricultural Cooperative, but also so the members who are local residents can share knowledge to work together.


Topics include "What you can get from community activity", "What is leadership?", "Problem solving technique", "How to deal with conflict", "Establishing a good relationship with the municipal government", "Analyzing stakeholder", and "Teamwork".


Among the workshops, we included many group works and games. The picture shows the group work to enhance teamwork. The leader sitting at the front decides the direction of the workshop, and then the whole team moves their legs and works together to move forward.


Sometimes the line got congested and broke off when trying to make a turn, but everyone did their best to work together.


Activities of the agricultural cooperatives will be challenging. Despite the difficulties, we hope that it will be enjoyable and that by participating in these workshops, the participants will become motivated to be part of the community.

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September 7, 2015 in Sri Lanka |


In order for children to go back to school

Hello this is Namaste team.

JEN provides school supplies to 2,600 children who lost textbooks, uniforms, and stationeries by the earthquake.
In this week, we are in the process of checking the school supplies to be distributed to elementary and junior high schools in Nayagaun village of Kavre county.

Offering school supplies will allow children to go back to school, and interaction with friends will make them feel better, as a result, they may recover from the shock caused by the earthquake.

It is a sad fact that, after the earthquake, hundreds of children in Nepal have been victimized by human traffic. There are many cases where human traffic organization deceived parents by taking advantage of their straitened circumstances, and took the children away from them. It has been already 4 months, yet it amounted 331 children who have suffered from human traffic and been protected by shelter.

JEN believes that our support for children to go back to school will protect them from risk such as human traffic and will secure the peaceful place for them. Furthermore, we are going to continue assistance to the straitened households by delivering daily necessities, bedclothes, and galvanized plate.

【Even early school year students study very hard】

【Let’s go home together】

【Having fun on the way home】

We need your help to provide more prompt assistance.
We have opened the fund-raising account for emergency assistance to the earthquake in Nepal.

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September 3, 2015 in Nepal |