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In order for children to go back to school

Hello this is Namaste team.

JEN provides school supplies to 2,600 children who lost textbooks, uniforms, and stationeries by the earthquake.
In this week, we are in the process of checking the school supplies to be distributed to elementary and junior high schools in Nayagaun village of Kavre county.

Offering school supplies will allow children to go back to school, and interaction with friends will make them feel better, as a result, they may recover from the shock caused by the earthquake.

It is a sad fact that, after the earthquake, hundreds of children in Nepal have been victimized by human traffic. There are many cases where human traffic organization deceived parents by taking advantage of their straitened circumstances, and took the children away from them. It has been already 4 months, yet it amounted 331 children who have suffered from human traffic and been protected by shelter.

JEN believes that our support for children to go back to school will protect them from risk such as human traffic and will secure the peaceful place for them. Furthermore, we are going to continue assistance to the straitened households by delivering daily necessities, bedclothes, and galvanized plate.

【Even early school year students study very hard】

【Let’s go home together】

【Having fun on the way home】

We need your help to provide more prompt assistance.
We have opened the fund-raising account for emergency assistance to the earthquake in Nepal.

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Your kind contribution will be delivered to people who were affected by the disaster through JEN.

September 3, 2015 in Nepal |