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Hello. This is Namaste Team.

This week, we distributed school supplies such as school bags, textbooks, and notebooks in Nayagon Village, Kavre County. We were able to give support to 1,250 pupils at six schools.



Everybody goes to school walking on a mountain path. We walked on the path for several days to distribute supplies and found that the path used up even adults’ energy. When the pupils received the supplies, they were pleased and walked very merrily.



After the earthquake, many families got impoverished in Nepal. Poverty of the households led children to face with dangerous situations like child labor, human traffic and child marriage. JEN’s support for letting children go to school helps protect the children’s safety and rights.

UNICEF and several international NGOs worked together to carry out a survey of 1,838 pupils in May and June, following the earthquake. The survey revealed what the children felt about this earthquake and what they suggested for the future recovery. Many children want their homes and schools to be earthquake-proof. Also, according to the survey, it is most important for children to be able to keep going to school after the earthquake.

Along with the distribution of school supplies, JEN will build disaster-proof schools and community, discussing the ways to get over the present hardships with children, teachers and parents. We are going forward to restoration, respecting locals’ independence.


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September 10, 2015 in Nepal |