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Good luck to an international staff

It is very nice experience for us to work with Japanese colleagues(called the international staff) in JEN. We have learned so many things from them which are improving our capacity. We have learned that honesty with the job is one of the most important things and if we are honest with it, we will be punctual automatically and we will enjoy the work. 

Since 2005 we had chance to work with many Japanese colleagues and all of them were exceptional. When they come to work with us, we enjoy time with them and we sometimes have parties together, but at that time we forget that those staffs are not here forever and they have to leave. Whenever they announce about their departure, everyone becomes sad and remember those lovely days which we spent together.

Our Japanese colleague, Megumi Fujita will leave Pakistan after completion of her 3 years mission. She adopted our culture and society so well and she was visiting colleague’s houses to celebrate happiness and encourage during the sad moments. She is one of the best expatriate staffs who do their best in the job and try to do more than her TORs. We are all happy that she was happy in Pakistan and going with the pride like all other Japanese staffs. We wish her best of luck in the future!

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From the staffs JEN Afghanistan and Pakistan

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