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Drought in Haiti

Drought has some harmful impact during rainy season between April and June. According to CNSA (Coordination Nationale de la Sécurité Alimentaire), this drought reduces harvest of agriculture production. It will below half of production compared to a normal year. The high probability that El Niño phenomenon continues, and weather forecasts indicate rain in below average until December, a performance lower than the normal. The rise of price associated with loss in crops is projected to reduce food access for poor households in south peninsula, department of north west, north east and south east (*1). In addition, lack of irrigation infrastructure and lower water level in rivers make living of farmers and rural population vulnerable.

At present, damage caused by drought is not conspicuous in Leogane, however, there is a possibility to get worse situation in the near future. JEN continues to ensure safe water access to contribute living of local people.

【People wash clothes in river of lower water level in our project site, Bas Gerard】

(*1) HAITI Perspectives sur la sécurité alimentaire (CNSA ,2015).

(*2) Bulletin humanitaire Haiti numéro 52/Juillet 2015(OCHA, 2015

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