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Dream bags distribution to students in 2015

Every year JEN distributed dream bags to the selected schools in the targeted area. The main purpose of the distribution is to help the deserving students and bring smile to their faces. Those areas were selected where the economic situation is not good and people are in trouble. These bags are distributed by the help of RKK.


Like previous years, JEN decided to distribute the dream bags to the students in 2015 as well. JEN decided to distribute 5,090 dream bags to the students in 2015. These dream bags will be distributed to the students of 17 schools in Charikar district. Afghan team started the distribution to the students on September 8th 2015. The distribution will be completed by October 5th 2015.These schools were selected because the children in these schools are poor and face financial difficulties. Their parents are mainly farmer or skilled / unskilled labor.

The targeted children are from first to third grade in elementary school. Dream bags contain stationeries, toys and small color pens, which are not affordable for the parents. Students can use stationaries for their class work and home work, while toys can bring joy and smile on their faces.

RKK dream bags distribution is very important and it can play a vital role in the life of small students and their parents. Parents struggle for their children to make them educated and spend good life, not like them to work in farms because of being uneducated. It can also help in controlling the drop out in the schools.

The number of targeted areas is increased from one year to another year. Number of dream bags was 4,770 in 2014, while number of dream bags was 5,090 in 2015. Keeping in mind the importance of RKK dream bags, JEN will continue this activity in 2016 as well and so on.

[View of dream bags distribution]

[Students looks busy while checking their dream bags]

[View of a happy students after receiving her dream bag]

Humaira Wahab
(Administrative and HR Assistant)

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