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Afghan team with the Samurai spirit

I have been involved in project operations in remote system from the Islamabad office of Pakistan as a Program Officer in charge of Afghanistan project. I have been always proud and honored to be able to work together with the Afghan team in the local because working with the Afghan staff has brought me lots of learning and countless excitement.
They have never complained no matter how hard the work is. They are always dedicated to do their best in silence and they have always put out the results. They turn themselves inside out to deliver what they promised, which gives me the impression as if they are Samurai. It is great, beautiful and touching that they strive for JEN’s duty with the thought and passion for reconstruction and development of the country.

Last year, there was an event that represented the temperament and spirit of Afghanistan staff. Since the project budget decreased last year, the number of maintenance to schools has been reduced. In the result, we had to terminate the employment contract of an engineering staff in December 2014. When I told it to the staff, he thanked me saying “one and a half years when I have been working with Jen is like a dream for me. I really thank you for hiring me. Even though I have to change my job, I am happy because I could find a lifelong friend at Jen. And, I would like sincerely to thank you for coming all the way to dangerous ground from Japan, and working for Afghanistan's national reconstruction. I appreciate from my heart.” I was so impressed by his straight words and feelings that tears overflowed. While I was very sorry for not being able to renewing the contract with him, I received gratitude to reverse. He made me think the important thing as a person. Later, we had an engineering post vacant in 2015, he came back again to JEN in April 2015.

As Afghanistan became the victim of a lot of wars and infightings, the security situation has not been stable and there have been lots of negative images such as terrorism. Therefore, I feel sorry that the good aspects of Afghanistan have not been transmitted to the world. I sincerely hope that someday, peace will return to Afghanistan and the beauty and the splendor of Afghan people will be known around the world.

Thank you very much for the people, who have always been supporting our Afghanistan projects. Taking this opportunity, I would like to offer warm thanks to you. And I am looking forward to your continuing support to Afghanistan.



Program Officer for Afghanistan
JEN Islamabad Office

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