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Warning Boards Installation and School Health Committee in 25 schools

JEN is committed to ensure the provision of safe drinking water or hand washing water (not for drinking) to the targeted schools. For this reason JEN conducted water quality tests in all those schools where JEN did activities. The test revealed that water from some schools were not safe for drinking. We encouraged to chlorinate water, some of which became drinkable after treatment. However, the water of 25 schools were not treatable due to chemical issues and this water can be used only for washing hand. In order to prevent school students from drinking contaminated water, JEN designed a comprehensive and separate activity.

First of all, JEN decided to install warning boards. The content and design of the warning boards was created by Afghan staff in consultation with Department of Education. The warning boards have a clear message that students should avoid drinking water from the water reservoirs in school. To further facilitate the students, a picture was also included in the warning boards, making it easier for the younger students to understand the message. So far warning boards were installed in 21 out of the 25 schools. Warning board installation in four schools in district Ghorband is still pending due to security situation in the area. It will be installed once the security situation improves.


To further ensure the prevention of students from drinking unsafe water, School Health Committee (SHC) consisting of around 7- 9 students and a teacher will raise awareness of the students. JEN organized workshop for SHC in 21 out of 25 schools to prevent students from drinking contaminated water. SHC will do several activities such as holding discussion among students. SHC will make their future plan to prevent students from drinking unsafe water in September.



To measure the performance and effectiveness of the activity before and after workshop, pre and post KAP (Knowledge-Practice-Attitude) survey will be conducted for 10 children of the 25 schools. So far Pre KAP survey was conducted in 21 schools. As per the pre KAP survey, the situation in these schools is not good but hopefully the result will be different after warning board installation and SHC activities.

Hanief Khan
Senior Programme Assitant
JEN Islamabad Office

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