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The greeting from new staff

Bonjour tout moun, I'm Alexander Francois, I am Haitian, and I just joined JEN team. I am part of the administrative team and I am there to work well with the staff. In the first week, I already have a good impression of the work the staff realized in the community of Leogane. The staffs in charge of program have efficient work and good teamwork because they go to field after morning meeting to share progress of each work.
In addition, I had a great welcome by the staff. The guard dog also welcomed me, even if it is still hard for me to trust him.

This is the second time I work in Leogane, the city of Rara. Moreover, this is a first time to work with Japanese organization, and I am eager to contribute to project where we work. 

【Alexander Francois who works as a member of administrative team】

【Guard dog Lorka】

【JEN is now accepting donations. Your help would be very much appreciated.




August 27, 2015 in Haiti |