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Public transportation in Haiti

What means of transport do Haitian use to commute and move city?

First of all, fixed route bus called Tap tap is widely used to move between cities. It is popular among Haitian because it is reasonable price, while it takes time to get to destination as it stops at every station. Minivan typed bus stops less time than Tap tap while bus fare is more expensive. 

Bike taxi is often used when people move in city. It is convenient because bike can proceed without too much effect in congestion. In the biggest city such as capital of Haiti, Port au Prince, it can be seen Tap tap at any area. Moreover, there is taxi service, even though its number is limited.

When you compare fares for one way trip from Port au Prince to Leogane where JEN Haiti works, it mentions as below. (about 35km between 2 cities)

- Minivan typed bus (50 gourds=about 110 JPY) you can directly go to destination.
- Tap tap (35 gourds=about 75JPY) you must change Tap tap once on the way but less cost.
- Bike taxi (300 gourds=about 660JPY) you can go wherever you want to go but more expensive.

【Tap tap in Port au Prince】

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