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Life on mountains in Nepal

Hello, this is the report from Namaste Team.

We have been investigating Nuwakot County, Sindhupalchok County and Kavre County in this week, too.

As a result, we found many houses have problems that they do not have enough kitchenware and bedclothes which should be conserved in their houses. We clearly knew we have to provide such stuffs for their life immediately.

In addition, we found it is desired to get stationary and school bags by not only kids but also their parents to support them to restart education.

[A temporary elementary school made of woods and galvanized plates. It may not be possible to exist even for 3 months because of serious damage by termites.]

Furthermore, they need more supply, for example galvanized plates and some goods to pass the winter. It is rainy season now, so a lot of houses just covered by old galvanized roof and plastic are damaged by thunder and rain every day. In addition, they have to prevent from the cold winter season a few months later.

「Tents and houses which are covered only by old galvanized plates.]

I have never experienced the winter season in Nepal, so it is hard for me to imagine severity of the winter season on mountains which elevation is over 1,000 meters. Therefore JEN is planning to distribute useful stuffs like blankets to pass the winter.

[A temporary cement house which floor stands one meter with galvanized roof. As this house is made of wood, some parts have serious problems of termites.]

We will start distribution of living ware, bedclothes, blankets to pass the winter and stationary for children to restart education in these three counties.

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August 3, 2015 in Nepal |