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Kindness of village people in Nepal is their culture

Hello!Everyone. I am Luca from Namaste Team.

[The left is Luca]

I have been working as an assistant since the JEN’s Nepal activity started. The most impressive activity so far was that I was visited earthquake victims, they showed us their daily lives and we reaffirmed the good things about people in Nepal.

The place I visited was Tanapathi Village in Nuwakot District. After I moved by car and I walk about more than 30 minutes, I saw people including elderly people, young women who were working in the paddy field. The women invited me, “Would you please help us together?


Village people always talked to us positively and JEN staff from the city created a warm atmosphere for us to adjust to the village life.


Village people live in the temporary or repaired houses. The situation is very severe because they lost their families, livestock. Also all of the furniture and equipment were broken. Children were disappointed because the school textbook and bags could not be used anymore.

Despite of such situation, they gave fruits and cones to us who came here for the preparation of activity and welcomed us with smile.

I felt the sense of gracefulness when I saw women in the village because they worked on agriculture seriously with remained agricultural equipment even if their houses were broken and most of their stuffs were gone.

Through visiting the village, I felt that one of the most important culture for people in Nepal is rich mind such as kindness and humility.

It took about more than five hours for returning home, however, it was a worthwhile experience for me to visit affected village.

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August 20, 2015 in Nepal |