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Household water tank distribution

Water consumption has increased day by day in July with the rise in the temperature. Because of that, water scarcity was reported by some residents in some specific areas in the camp. Though the sufficient quantity of water to cover the camp population is being discharged from the well, water is not enough in some areas. The main reason was too much water consumption by residents in the camp.
Water discharged from the wells is saved in the reservoirs, which is located 2 meters high from the ground (Photo1), and then water is distributed to each household using water pressure. When residents use water continuously, water cannot be discharged quickly enough to be saved in the reservoir. As a result, enough water cannot reach some households in some areas due to insufficient water pressure.

[Photo1:A big water reservoir] ©JEN

JEN’s engineer, camp management and well keepers discussed several times and tried some means to resolve this matter. Finally, we reached one solution to open only one valve out of 4 valves to restrict the water way and increase the water pressure in a particular area. However, this method would cut off water supply in other areas for a certain period of time. In order to alleviate this restriction, JEN decided to distribute household water tank so that residents can save water in the water tank during the time they receive water. Once the water supply is cut off, they can use water from the water tank.

[Distribution water tanks] ©JEN

[Distribution water tanks] ©JEN

JEN also aims to increase awareness on water saving, as water consumption can be tracked by saving water in the water tank and using water from water tank by residents themselves.
JEN will continue to improve the living environment of IDP camp together with camp management and residents (IDPs).

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August 6, 2015 in Iraq |