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Greetings from our new staff “To get children go back to school”

Hello there, we are Namaste Team.

We, Namaste Team has been preparing to distribute school supplies and it is going well. We will distribute them in Nayagaun Villiage, Kavre County next week.

[Women are sewing bags for children]


Children whose school uniforms were buried too deep to dig out have been going to school in plain clothes. Children share their textbooks with other children who lost them. So although they somehow manage to get by without necessities, it is urgently needed to distribute school supplies such as textbooks.


As many families suffer from lack of daily supplies or leaky roofs, we work with residents in the village to try to distribute daily supplies or galvanized plates as fast as possible. However, we have roads blocked due to the mudslides in the rainy season, it should take a while until we will get to distribute those daily supplies or galvanized plates.

Addition to the weather issue, we also have another which is frequent rally against the government for trying to institute a new constitution. That has caused clashes with police or blocked roads. JEN’s project has been carried out carefully with the current situation and safety.

Those people affected by the disaster have suffered harshly. Despite the hardships they face, they do not forget to smile and be nice to us every time we visit the village.

Our project is not going as we planned due to the rallies and mudslides. But we are committed to carrying it out with the mind not to forget to smile and be grateful.

[These kind 2 girls went to get fresh water, even for her friends. The school doesn’t have safe drinking water resource, students need to bring bottle with them.]

[Thank you for the adorable smile for the pic!]

Your kind contribution will be delivered to people who were affected by the disaster through JEN.

August 27, 2015 in Nepal |