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Getting ready for living and learning

Hello everyone. This is the Namaste team!

Namaste Team is now getting ready to gather and distribute supplies and commodities based on the needs survey done in July.

We are preparing to distribute iron sheets used for strengthening houses during the rainy season, tableware, cooking goods, water containers blankets and bedding (to prepare for the winter) to 1,650 households.

【The bag we distribute】

In addition, we are working toward distributing school goods to 2,600 students in 13 elementary and middle schools.

In order to review the contents of relief supplies such as the ones above, we must be able to properly understand the needs of the victims. Along with the Nepalese survey mobilizer, we visited 510 households in Nuwakot County Tanapati Village and Kavuru County Nayagan village individually to learn about the problems and needs they faced.

Through the investigation, we found out some important things. For example, all households have received 15,000 rupees (about 18,000 yen) as earthquake benefit from the government of Nepal. However, in households from low castes that do not own farmland, the money they received from the government must be used for food, and cannot be used to reinforce their collapsed houses.

Therefore, JEN will distribute iron plates to villages where many of the minority low caste households live, and will continue to support them to withstand the rainy season.

Because houses had been completely destroyed, another serious matter is that bedding and tableware have all been destroyed. Since there are very little plates, 2 people first eat together, and after the first two finish eating, the next 2 start eating, like a relay. 

Furthermore, before the earthquake, drinking water from the mountain spring was supplied through a pipe system smoothly, but after the earthquake, the spring’s water supply has been depleted. Now, it takes more time to draw the water, or it becomes necessary to find other water sources, and it seems to have come to be very time consuming to fetch water than before.

Hence, JEN will distribute water containers to the villagers so that they can store water in households, and try to reduce the labor of fetching water as much as possible.

JEN, together with victims of the Nepal earthquake will continue to promote activities towards the disaster reconstruction.


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