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First Beneficiaries meeting at Othiyamallai project site

JEN held a first meeting for participants of JEN’s program at Othiyamallai Grama Nidarari Division (Othiyamallai GND) on 7th July. From JEN’s side, an acting head of office, project officers, community workers, and field officers were participated in the meeting. Also, the participants, beneficiary selection committee members and Community Based Organizations (CBOs) they were particularly important members, were participated in the meeting. The main purpose was introducing JEN officials and explaining the participants our project content, and clarifying their objectives.  JEN does feel, as a livelihood assistance project, the participants are able to know JEN’s project. We clearly explained then our livelihood recovery component and community strengthening part.   

The participants insisted importance size of the well. This is because they are also very much interested to do cultivation in a dry season.  In addition, they suggested completing the well construction work before end of a rainy season. They showed their eagerness to participate in the workshops.

The participants easily understood livelihood recovery part well. They raised questions on community strengthen parts.  It seemed we needed to do more explain in this regard again. Basically, they welcomed our idea on formation of well maintains committee and cooperative society. This is because they realize collective works will strengthen their unity and support their income raise.  They welcome our idea to establish food processing center in order to strengthen cooperative work.  The participants humbly request, to establish the food processing center with basic facilities such as permanent water source and hygienically accepted building. They pointed out for the approval and starting process indicated facilities were important. The participants requested to include their ideas also when their plan communities’ strengthen part.

Furthermore, the participants requested us to include local human resources in the construction work as well. This is because they think that it will support them to earn daily wages and ensure work quality as well.

People expect at least three month follow up work with them soon after formation of cooperative society. JEN agrees with their idea in some extent. This is because registration of the cooperative society becomes a hard task nowadays. They need to back up to run in the starting period to earn income and lead to registration.

Overall, people are very much interested to support and participate in our program.  They requested us to have regular meeting with them to discuss pros and cons of the project on time. It seems this is a good initiative to have good relationship with local communities and individuals.   


Field Officer

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