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Completion of JEN’s distribution

JEN has completed distribution activity of livestock feed and shelter to TDPs of NWA (North Waziristan). Total target was 500 households. JEN developed a strategy to complete the distribution in 3 phases. Before distribution JEN printed tokens of the selected beneficiaries. Prior to distribution JEN field staff visited the targeted areas to deliver tokens to the target beneficiaries. A Token contains information of a household head e.g. name, ID card number, venue and timing of the distribution. Before each distribution JEN coordinated with all relevant authorities like police and district officer and other stakeholders like village elders etc.

The supplier delivered the project inputs one day before distribution.


As it was the month of Ramadan and weather was extremely hot so JEN staff arranged the distribution packages from night to consolidate the distribution process on time. Security was provided by local Police Station as JEN had already submitted request for security personnel.


The distribution was carried out in three phases where 150, 195 and 155 TDPs Households were provided with livestock feed and livestock shelter respectively. For a smooth distribution process JEN would only call selected beneficiaries for the distribution and only token holders were allowed to the distribution venue. One JEN staff and one Police person would check the token and would allow one token holder to the venue. Before distribution JEN staffs oriented the beneficiaries over distribution process.


Next step was to take acknowledgement, attendance and thumb impression of the beneficiaries.


After completion of this activity, JEN technical staff would give session to the beneficiaries on use of de-wormers, livestock shelter and livestock feed.


At the end of distribution, JEN staffs would hand over the livestock feed and shelter package to the beneficiaries and in turn JEN staff would collect the tokens from beneficiaries for its record and documentation.

【JEN is now accepting donations. Your help would be very much appreciated.

August 13, 2015 in Pakistan |