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We have been keeping assistance in agricultural income livelihood and community strengthening for returnees this year.

As we have explained before, we have been implementing the assistance in agricultural income Livelihood and Community Strengthening for the returnees similar to the last year from 22 March, in corporation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs NGO Grant.

About the project sites, there is 1 location in Mullaitive District, Northern Province, newly selected. In Kilinochchi District, there is 1 location, newly selected, and the same location as last year.

In Othiyamalai GN, Oddusuddan Divisional Secretary, Mullaitve District, there’s not enough electricity installed, and the road without maintained, so that it’s difficult to access to the town and markets nearby.


(Quoted from Northern Province Council)


There’s electric lines, but there’s no electricity to work.  Othiyamalai GN is located at  prefectural boarder, and it’s far from the center of the Divisional Secretary, where infrastructure maintenance is delayed.

In Vempodukerny GN, Pachchilaipalli Divisional Secretary, Kilinochchi District, there’s the many returnees, returned within few years after demining was over few years ago.  In Muhamalai GN, the site for the last year project, there’s still some villages without demining work done, so that it has possibilities that more returnees will be back after the completion of demining work.


(Quoted from Northern Province Council)


In Vempodukerny GN, there’s some returnees who are still living in temporary shelters, and many of them are waiting for the assistance in housing construction.


Office for GN division official is still temporary one.


In Muhamalai GN, there’s still demining on-going. 
It’s been said that it suppose to complete within this year.

About 4 months has passed after the project start.
Base line survey and beneficiary selection, and 1st general meeting for beneficiaries have completed. Various assistance activities will be implemented from now on.

We will introduce the status occasionally, so please check it.

Nishida Arisa
Program Officer

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July 23, 2015 in Sri Lanka |