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Water Management Committee ‐Jeanty‐

We introduce Water Management Committee (WMC) in Jeanty, Grand Goave this time.

When you take a walk in villages, it can be frequently seen water facilities which are not worked anymore and they are left. In addition to construct water facilities, JEN Haiti has been working on capacity building and strengthening of WMCs. In local communities which did not get used to managing water facilities, support is given to local population in order to be able to manage water facilities by themselves in a sustainable way.

【Kiosk keeper who manage the kiosk shaped water facility】

As a result of support over 2 years, WMC manages them by themselves in Jeanty. Subscription fee that have been collected at the kiosk shaped water facilities from January to March amounted to 3,985 gourds (nearly 10,000 JPY). Moreover, WMC supervises private water connection, and its rate of monthly subscription fee recorded more than 67% in the same period. The households who have private connection use water flow meter. They pay monthly usage fee based on water consumption. The collection fees have been used for management of water supplies.

【Private water connection in the household】

【A member of WMC (center) and JEN staff conduct the water quality test】

【JEN is now accepting donations. Your help would be very much appreciated.

July 2, 2015 in Haiti |