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“Rice without water” and “Rice with water”

Hello everyone. I am Haraguchi of Namaste Team.
I would like to report that the situation of the disaster of the village in mountains.

Nepal which has the highest mountains in the world is a country surrounded by mountains.

Cities and towns are made among mountains and most of village people live in the slope or top of the mountains. When I research the needs of the people who have not reached the support for the disaster, I could see the lives in the mountains.

Now, Nepal is the rainy season (July-August) and it is in the midst of rice planting everywhere.

Nepal has a double-cropping system of rice and the rice in the first season was harvested before the rainy season.

They call it “Rice without water”

Rice they are currently planting is called “Rice with water” and they are more delicious than “Rice without water.” I understand it somehow.

While I was researching Tanapathi Village in Nuwakot District (2 and half hours’ drive from Kathmandu, the capital city), I passed a woman who is holding a mountain of dishes. She is Ms. Durga, the 8th month’s pregnant woman.

All of her family members are doing rice planting. I met her when she was on her way home from the rice field where she brought lunch to her family.

【A women holding dishes walked from the other side. Her big belly. When I ask her nervously, she is the 8th month pregnant as I imagined. She was on her way home from rice field where all of her family was doing rice planting.】

While I was thinking it was something like that in the old days in Japan, Ms. Durga carried the dishes with seeding of rice in her both hands on the unstable rice field road despite of the 8th month of pregnancy.

When I said “She worked very hard even if she is pregnant”, the local staff said “Do you know “OSHIN” The name of “OSHIN” is well-known and some parents give the name to the baby

Nepalese women are hard worker. They had sad experiences in the disaster but they work positively to go forward.
JEN is working on the supporting activity with like these cheerful women for the recovery from the disaster.

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July 23, 2015 in Nepal |