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PTA activity at the elementary school in Kirkuk

Today we will update you about the activities at the elementary school in Kirkuk.

In order to educate and promote hygienic practice, JEN is working in hygiene promotion activity by conducting a training seminar to school staff. We are carrying out these activities also along with parents group such as PTAs.

One of the PTA’s objectives is to improve community around the school, to give hope to the people, nurture love to their mother country by providing basic education and keep encouraging the development of health and hygiene.

This school has set up several committees. Medical service committee is one of those committees that provide medical services and promotion for hygienic behaviors. The committee is working together with medical teams along with physicians for provision of medical services. Also they are providing information about health issues to the parents.

JEN has worked with the PTA and conducted a meeting in order to encourage PTA activities toward improvement of their attitude in terms with health and hygiene. Hygiene education can be more effective if parents are supportive in addition to teachers instructing the children.

JEN will continue to work for hygiene promotion in order to improve attitudes and behavior with hygiene among children and parents in Iraq.

[Pictures on below. Scenes from PTA meeting at Al-Fadhail elementary school]



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