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Preparation for Upcoming Distribution

JEN has planned distribution of livestock feed and shelter to 500 families in district Bannu. First distribution will be carried out for 200 families on the 6th  of July, 2015. The last two distributions will be for 145 and 155 families in JEN’s target area called Ghoriwala in district Bannu.   

JEN has contacted staff of WFP-hub for the distribution. WFP has given approval to utilize its food distribution hub for the distribution by JEN. The second and the third (last) distribution will take place in a veterinary hospital.

All the staff did all they could to prepare for this distribution. First of all, JEN has asked the supplier well in advance to arrange the distribution items on time. The distribution items will be delivered by trucks one day prior to the distribution point. JEN staff will ensure to erect necessary arrangement at the distribution point like seating arrangement, shade and wash room. Women, elderly and persons with disability will be treated on priority basis.  JEN will also coordinate with police department to get personnel for security of the distribution point.

JENs’ staff is currently preparing tokens for the beneficiaries. The token will be distributed to each beneficiary 2 days before the distribution. Each token bears information like distribution date and time, venue, beneficiary name, father name, identity number and signature from JEN staff.



JEN will display list of distribution items at the distribution venue so that all the beneficiaries know the detail of livestock package. Contact numbers of senior JEN staff will be displayed as well for the beneficiaries to report complaints. With all these arrangement JEN’s staff hope that the distribution process will go smoothly in this hot weather and Ramadan.

【JEN is now accepting donations. Your help would be very much appreciated.

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