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Nepal, Namaste team is making progress in a muddy road, rabbit

Today, I went to Nuwakot  for research. The road was impassable because of the rain. Falling rocks blocked the road and forced us to make a detour.  It took more than five hours to the place.  Even under the environment, JEN's Namaste team has continued field research to see the victims and understand the necessary support.




We heard that other organizatoins have also difficulties to go to the place because of the similar situation. For example, they couldn't drive a car in a muddy road, then climbed a mountain to the place, and finally took 6 hours for the round trip. Another example is that the road was blocked by a landslide. They had to stay several nights at a ex-bird house of private home in order to go to the place.

The grieving woman who is one of the victims and lost her daughter and granddaughter said "Even I were  poor, I don't need anything if I can go back to my life with family".

People tell us their fear of the aftershocks and anxiety to theri life because the number of sightseeing people decreased dramatically. Even in the situation, I'm impressed by positive young people who are working hard to clean up a heap of rubble.


We think our best approach to supper their recovery as soon as possible as
people who experienced the same massive earthquake.

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July 9, 2015 in Nepal |