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Listening to the victims emotional voice

While we were walking along the pile of the debris bricks, two sisters were sitting quietly in the shade.

When Prativa called out to the two, a girl becoming 20 years old talked dispassionately what had happened. She is a woman of the representatives of an NGO working on this support by collaboration as a partner group of JEN .

The debris in front of her was the house where she used to live.
Married at the age 17, the earthquake took place on her third year marriage. She lost her beloved husband due to this earthquake.

I was standing in front of the brick debris that killed her husband that time. I recognized and apologized to her. It was the moment I remonstrate myself that I was being like an outsider unconsciously.

When we continue our supporting action, we hear many stories from the many victims about their hard times losing their family, the desire to recover.
As a professional supporting organization, we will proceed our action helping each other, and keep in touch the people at the local area, take good care of a once-in-time moment, achieving recovery and independence.


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July 2, 2015 in Nepal |