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Impact of Baghlan Emergency Project

Last year in Puli Khumri District of Baghlan province, heavy rainy seasonal flood collapsed houses and destroyed agriculture land which left a lot of detriments. The affected families have been living in mountains and in harsh weather for centuries in the region. Unfortunately the government did not pay proper attention in terms of heavy floods which ruined local infrastructure.



JEN implemented emergency heavy flood protection projects funded by JPF in mentioned area which had the component of retaining wall construction with reinforcement concrete channel for 881 household beneficiaries. The project was completed in September 2014.

The Projects includes 456.5M retaining wall and 19 meter Reinforcement concrete channel on two locations which were affected by heavy seasonal rainy flood on May 2014. Due to the construction of the above mentioned facilities the houses of the local people will be safe from floods in the future.

The families near the centre of Baghlan province which have government jobs and shops in Puli Khumri city are safe now due to construction of retaining walls and these families do not need to evacuate from their existing places. After construction of retaining wall the local residents are able to rebuild their damaged houses by themselves and the road beside retaining wall became useable for transportation.



Afghan engineering team adopted the heavy flood crisis management techniques in the construction of retaining wall and channel. The heavy flood crisis management techniques helped against the seasonal heavy rainy flood which came again this year on 6th April 2015 in Puli Khumri city. All these residents were safe during the flood. A community leader called me and said, “We are proud of JEN constructed retaining walls. Due to these retaining walls our families are safe and no need to evacuate from our houses in the future”. He was very happy and said all of the residents are so thankful to JEN for its emergency projects in Puli Khumri district and added that our agriculture lands, houses, mosques, shops, roads, water and sanitation network are safe which indirectly help our economy.

They are now very pleased for sending their children to schools, playing sports and comfortably doing their daily activities due to assistance by JEN. He requested JEN to support them and implement more projects in Baghlan province in the future.
JEN has contributed its part to this change on emergency implementation of heavy flood crisis in Puli Khumri city.



Shir Ali
Chief Engineer
JEN Charikar office

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