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Field Work and office Work

Some are here in NGO to help others, some are here to stay with flexible environment, and some may be because of their personal interest like me. But once you enter the sector, you get to know two different way of working. 

I always think about field staff that how lucky they are who can directly support the people who need us, because they are giver.
Yes they are getting for it as well but somehow they may feel inner satisfaction.  To support someone directly makes you happy from your inner.

There are many people who work with humanitarian sectors just for the purpose to support the people in the field, many works voluntarily especially in emergency or natural disasters. I am one of the example here in NGO sector to feel the interest in this sector When I applied my first job, the reason was that I can help disable people through this organization (Handicap International Org) .

It was true but I was wrong in my curiosity. I thought there will be so many disable people and I will provide help to them directly. This was so funny that I wasn’t aware of the NGO’s working setups. From that time I feel my inner feelings that for whom we are working? How they look like at the time when field staff of NGO support them. Why I couldn’t reach them and see them?

Thinking on the same thing I have worked for 5 years in the office not in the field. But still I feel like I want to see people who are in need I want to see their faces when they benefited through NGOs. 

I always think about field staff that they are doing more than office staff because they face many problems like security problems, weather circumstances, to face problems of people who may in trouble, culture norms, social norms of the area and also stay away from their houses and families. But they are lucky and brave working in the field. I must say that their inner will be so satisfied.

I salute to the staff in the field; you are the luckiest people, people who help directly to needy people.

I think this is not difficult to rotate myself to field area because my interest is motivating me to the field. But still I am enjoying that I am being a part of NGO sectors and could work somehow for such people.



Humaira Wahab
Admin & HR Assistant

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