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We are Just on the Investigation of the Villages

Hello, this is Namaste Team!

We have been investigating the areas in Nepal which still need supports for the rehabilitation in this week. The areas mean Tanapathi Village in Nuwakot County (Which has 900 households), Bhimtal Village in Sindhupalchok County (1,244 households), Yanahon Village in Kavre County (1,150 households) and a couple of other villages.

According to the committee of development of the village and interviews with villagers, many inhabitants desire residence, shelters to conserve foods, bedclothes for winter season, food and water which can be stocked for a long time.

It means there is a problem it is hard to conserve foods because of damage of a house, even if they can get enough foods.

To talk about schools, as almost all schools are totally broken, they need temporary school buildings to continue children’s education.

Through this investigation, we keenly felt we still need long time for rehabilitation and that we especially need preparation for the winter season and support to restart children’s educaton.

【A teacher of the school and Mr. Rajeeb. The walls have cracks.】

【The temporary school building in which they have classes】

【Mr. Rajeeb surrounded by some kids. He has a short break during the investigation.】

【Villagers whose house was broken are living in tents.】

【An old lady talked crying about the disaster.】

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July 16, 2015 in Nepal |