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Volunteer Work Turns into a New Style: 16th “Let’s go to the sea!”

“Let’s go to the sea!,” a project launched in March 2014 as a new style of volunteer work so that you might support disaster stricken areas while enjoying hands-on opportunities in tour around fishing communities, has been hosted by “the executive committee of ‘Let’s go to the sea!’“ composed of locals in the Oshika peninsula, Miyagi Prefecture with JEN’s support.

Supporting the committee become more self-reliant, JEN opted to take only background role in 2015. Pleia Tourism, a non-profit organization established by the students of Ishinomaki Sensyu University, Ishinomaki’s only university, began to take part in hosting the project, young people uniting together with locals to promote the communities in the Oshika peninsula

【Tea party with the stuff members of “Why not stop by Oshika,” a mutual aid organization】

The 16th “Let’s go to the sea!” was held on Saturday 23rd of May and following Sunday. Day 1: Ochakokai, a tea party with the stuff members of “Why not stop by Oshika,” a mutual aid organization, at Kyubunhama on the Oshika peninsula; a visit to eleven headed deity, a national important property. Day 2: fishing experience guided by local fishermen at Sasunohama; participation in the San Juan festival. A lot of plans were worked out at the tour. Participants came from many countries and regions, including, Taiwan, China, Tokyo, Sendai and so on.

【Fishing experience at Sasunohama】

The participants were heard to make such comments as “I visited many places, met and talked to various people. I’m really glad to have this opportunity. This tour offered experiences that I can’t have in Tokyo. I had productive two days.”

Just wait till the next framework of “Let’s go to the sea!” is finalized by the committee. The committee will take the initiative in planning and running.

Once next tour is set, its itinerary will be post on the web site of “Let’s go to the sea!”. (http://hama-e-iko.com/)

【The web site of “Let’s go to the sea!”】

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