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Situation in Kilinochchi After office relocation (Part1)

As we explained in the blog last time, our office was relocated in Kilinochchi district, Northern Province at the beginning of May. Kilinochchi district is situated at developing small town northward 7 hours by car from economic city, Colombo in Sri Lanka.
During civil water time in Sri Lanka, there is a base of LTTE.  After the war end, the
city was dramatically developed.


(quoted from Google Map)

We will explain about the situation in Kilinochchi District by using some photos today.
At first, it’s about the office around.

JEN office gate

Route till the office.   It’s submerged when it’s heavily rained.

Rural landscape.  Even if it’s get dark, we can see people working.

Kilinochchi district is situated at the city along with main road called “A9”
Along this A9 road, there are various buildings you can see.

Very outstanding Hindu temple

[To Be Continued]

Arisa Nishida, Program Officer

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June 18, 2015 in Sri Lanka |