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Relief effort to revive the life of victims.

On April 25th, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake hit mid Nepal killed more than 8,600 people and affected more than 8million people.

Since it happen, JEN has been researching to figure out what's happening there. The deviated area in Nepal, many relief efforts have been managed to reach to those in need despite the extremely difficult environment due to their usual living environment and geographical conditions.

In June, it marked 2 months since the disaster happened. There are other effect by aftershocks and also many people who were affected by the disaster still sleep in the tents, eat limited amount of food bit by bit to survive.

"Rural area" in Nepal means harsh mountainous area we, living in Japan, can imagine .  In these areas are where it is hard to get to by car even before the disaster happened. Residents usually commute on foot.  Many of the disaster areas are located in the remote areas as mentioned above that disaster relief aid groups need to carry goods by waking for 1-2 days. That has been causing the shortage of needed relief support.

In addition to the fact that those areas are difficult to reach out to, there are social issues to be concerned in the area. There is a report that people who were unfairly discriminated when receiving relief support due to their lower social class, ethnically minority groups, communities where females are in charge of families. Especially children have been greatly traumatized by flashback and fear of the earthquake as well as having lost their families and homes.

JEN specifically serve people affected by the disaster; especially those people in the area isolated from the support, by offering the urgent needs such as relief supplies. Also, we are planning to launch a project to offer farming tools to them so that they can start farming again to support themselves to overcome the disaster and gain rebuild their life again. To children, we are going to provide stationaries and sports equipment. This is how we are going to encourage adults to recover from the disaster, and children to start having fun in a safe and secured life. We hope they will be motivated to study again in the environment.

To our generous supporters, we would like to ask you to support JEN’s relief effort.


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