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Monitoring and follow up survey 2014!

JEN is always very keen to provide good quality and sustainable support to the people of Afghanistan. For verifying the quality of JEN support, whether it’s sustainable, people are taking good care of the facilities, and practicing hygiene education at schools after JEN’s project, JEN has been conducting follow up surveys every year in selected schools where JEN worked.
This year, the results of the survey are outstanding. 

In 2014 JEN selected 17 schools where JEN worked for its school constructions including water supply and sanitation as well as hygiene education from 2011 to 2013. During the survey Afghan team checked all construction facilities as well as the effects of JEN hygiene education activities. During the survey Afghan team conducted interviews to the teachers and students and also their own observation during the visit.



During the survey so many good outcomes were revealed: Student’s attendance ratio increased, the environment of the school is more hygienic, students have now clean water for drinking, and students are getting knowledge in the clean environment of well-maintained classroom, all after JEN intervention.

All the 17 schools hold regular School Management Committee (SMC) meetings. JEN built the capacity of the SMCs and now they have been collecting fund from community, teachers and students to maintain school which they had never done before. Some SMCs also did some minor works to improve the schools. The survey showed that all of the latrines which JEN made were clean, hygienic and none of them were broken or smelly. Same is the case for all other water supply and sanitation construction facilities such as wells and water reservoirs. Other construction facilities constructed by JEN such as class rooms, boundary wall were found in very good condition during the follow up survey because the school administration were taking good care of it. When asked, the students and teachers said that after JEN intervention they felt huge change. Before JEN intervention they did not have enough or quality infrastructure facilities in our schools.


During the survey it was revealed that all the schools regularly taught the hygiene education at their schools on daily basis after JEN’s projects. The survey was also conducted at schools in 2011 and even after 4 years it was continued without a break.

Like previous year, JEN is conducting monitoring and follow up survey in 21 schools from 2011 to 2014. All construction work and hygiene education activity will be monitored during the survey. At the moment the survey is ongoing and currently the monitoring was conducted in 14 schools out of 21 schools. After completion of the survey, all the collected data will be analyzed to see the impact of JEN intervention in these 21 schools. We are looking forward to seeing good results this year again!


Hanief Khan,
Senior Programme Assistant,  JEN Afghanistan Programme.

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