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Construction of water facilities has been completed!!

JEN Haiti office has been conducted renovation of 6 existing fountains to 6 kiosk style water facilities in Haut Gerard in Leogane commune, renovation of 3 existing fountains to 4 kiosk shaped water facilities in Bas Gerard in Grand Goave commune.

The next step is that we inspect constructions, and the WMC (Water Management Committee) takes over them. JEN will train the WMC in order for them to be able to manage water facilities properly such as introduction of collection of subscription fee for the usage of water facilities.

As features of kiosk, it is expected that the long-term sustainable maintenance by water management committees through introduction of the fee collection system. It can also prevent wasting water and protect water borne diseases because the supply of water can be controlled by water management committees.

【Second Kiosk in Haut Gerard】

【Fifth kiosk in Haut Gerard】

【Third Kiosk in Bas Gerard】

【The representative of WMC Bas Gerard(Person on the left) and JEN Staff (Person on the right)】

These kiosks were constructed with support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan and our supporters. They are indispensable to deliver safe drinkable water to people in Haut Gerard and Bas Gerard.

【JEN is now accepting donations. Your help would be very much appreciated.

June 4, 2015 in Haiti |