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A message from a person in charge of emergency assistance

Coordination with local government and partnership organizations have
now really started in the center of Nepal, like Dhading and Nuwakot.
We’d like to share a message from Rajeeb Khanal who is from Nepal and being
in charge for leading emergency assistance of the earthquake in Nepal

“Dear all, I have worked for JEN from 1994 to 2005. I have led various
emergency assistances of JEN in the former Yugoslavia, Sri Lanka and
India etc. A big earthquake happened in Nepal which is my home
country. Immediately after the earthquake, I strongly wanted to
support the people of my country and their recovery. Now, I have
started to prepare our supporting activity with JEN’s colleagues.

I will report the situation of the places where we support and the
voice of people every week. Your kind contribution is important to
people who affected by the disaster in Nepal. I’d highly appreciate
your support.”


Please view the followings are various supporting activities by Rajeeb in the past.

■Support for refugees because of ethnic conflict in the former Yugoslavia

The details are here

■Emergency support for the sufferers from the Indian ocean tsunami (Sri Lanka)

The details are here

■Emergency support for the big earthquake in Gujarat, India

The details are here

【Photo : When Rajeeb started Sri Lanka assistance for a recovery from a
big earthquake in Gujarat, India  (second from the right)】
*This activity is executed based on cooperation from supporters and
Japan platform.

June 19, 2015 in Nepal |