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A message from the staff "Namaste!"

tIt's been 2 months since the earthquake happened on April 25th. There are still many people who were affected by the disaster living in the undesirable environment with no food and necessity goods. In the mountainous area, mudslide has been seriously concerned and also the mid to long term reconstruction effort is needed. 

As of today: June 25th, there was an international conference in the capital city Kathmandu. Japanese government announced that it is going to donate 260,000,000 dollars (about 320million dollars) to help the country to rebuild schools, houses and hospitals.

JEN will be working closely with the organizations in Nepal to work on supporting the Nepali victims to rebuild their lives. We plan to deliver food and necessity goodies to people who live in the remote area where enough aid wouldn't reach to.

Upon distributing the aid goodies in the village, we will offer some necessary knowledge on safe food storing, hygiene action, how to protect yourself from aftershocks  or rainy season.

Staff from Japan arrived in Kathmandu and started working physically to coordinate with local government where JEN will operate in Nepal and our partners. Tamayo Haraguchi on site is blending in the area as she is already greeting “Namaste!”

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