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Soaps and washing powders distributed!

In the Camp where JEN is in charge of WASH services, JEN distributed soaps and washing powders. Resident was gathered in the distribution place sector by sector. The number of soaps and washing powders according to the number of family members were distributed to the head of household.

It is more than 30 degrees during the day in the camp. Soaps and washing powders are essential in this season when people frequently wash their hands and do the laundry.

In the heat of the sun, distribution in all sectors was completed in three days, being supported by other NGO, camp management, police and so on.

After distribution, one of resident came to us and returned some soaps, saying that he received more than the number of family members. It is not easy to do so, taking into consideration harsh living condition in the camp.

In order to respond to their expectation, JEN will continue to work, straightening ourselves.

【JEN is now accepting donations. Your help would be very much appreciated.

May 21, 2015 in Iraq |