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Project site introduction - Bas Gerard -

We would like to introduce our project site, Bas Gerard. It is located 5 minutes by car from Haut Gerard in Leogane where we introduced as an another project site before. There are 160 households living in Bas Gerard.

People in Bas Gerard mainly get income by selling agricultural products, livestock and charcoal. There is not enough land to cultivate because it is situated in the mountain valley. Therefore, charcoal is essential source of revenue for local people, and they cut and burn tree, and sell it in the market.

JEN works on renovation of 4 kiosk shaped water facilities, repair of 1 existing water tank, capacity building and strengthening of Water Management Committees and hygiene promotion.

【Under construction of kiosk shaped water facility(right building)】

【Under repairing of water tank】

In addition, due to “World Water Day” on 23rd March, we conducted hygiene practice such as fetching water in a hygienically better way, protection of water, treatment of water by using water purification tablets in this area. In the near future, it is expected that inhabitants in targeted communities have access to safe and sufficient water through construction and repair of water facilities. We continuously conduct hygiene promotion activity so that inhabitants also recognize major risks regarding public health (including cholera) and take necessary measures to prevent deterioration of hygiene condition. 

【Inhabitants make charcoal】

【JEN is now accepting donations. Your help would be very much appreciated.

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