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My first Business trip

It was my first time to have official trip to ISB with JEN team and we had a very fitful meeting and sharing ideas of implemented projects and future plan with the team in high level at ISB and HQ.

It was good that after I rejoin JEN I got much experience with daily work of construction and soft component with the very helpful team.

It is worth to mention that JEN Afghanistan works as a team and all team members share their ideas and experiences each other which make friendly circumstances for implementation of the projects and the program. During my trip to ISB, ISB team also like to work as a team and they like to cooperate with all members as a team.
Generally it was enjoyable and fitful trip for me because I am a person who rejoined with JEN and it was a big chance for me to join back with JEN family. I am working with honest and hardworking staffs really cooperate and help Afghan people. I can mention that during this trip, I introduced myself to JEN Islamabad team very closely and met each other for the first time. I learned a lot from this trip; I got that JEN like to work in Afghanistan for Afghan people especially for school students who study under green sky without any shelter.

It is mentionable that I got emotion to work hard and in a good quality for our country and for needy people of our country tail and for our children to have a bright and secure lives and education which take place of war. I hope they have a chance to have more facilities in their lives time.

I really appreciated all who gave us the chance to have this kind of trip and shared the ideas each other.

The trip like this is very important not only for sharing of daily work progress and future plan but also to refresh the participants and the staff can take a strong feeling to continue their work as well as they could.

Especially it was really appreciated trip for me to meet with colleagues whom I had just relationship by e-mail but not closely. We shared all about our done and progress work closely.   


Mohammad Younus (Baheer)
Civil Engineer of JEN Afghanistan team

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May 7, 2015 in Afghanistan |