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Moving offices in Sri Lanka, from Vavuniya to Kilinochchi

JEN Sri Lanka is delighted to let you know that we have moved our main office from Vavuniya to Kilinochchi town, which is an hour’s drive to the North. After spending more than 6 years in Vavuniya, we have decided to make this grand move as our current project sites are in Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu Districts, and we have none in Vavuniya District. In addition, we closed the field warehouse in Pachchilaipalli DS Division and integrated the two offices into one in Kilinochchi Town. Thanks to this decision, international and local, as well as project and administrative staffs, are now working in one office, and we can now directly communicate with each other.

So today, I’d like to share lots of photos that’ll show you one of the examples of how “moving in Sri Lanka” looks like.

What you see right below is the rolly truck we used to move our stuffs. Sri Lankans simply call them, “Rollies”. We had two Rollies and seven young men support our moving.


Desks, shelves, fridge, dressers, boxes, bicycles, you name it.
Whatever the item, they smoothly carried and put it on the Rolly. Very impressive.


And after one or two hours, the Rolly reached maximum capacity.
Oh boy, that was quick.


And the office became empty in a very short amount of time.



We attempted to load the security hut too, and though a bit of it stuck out, we deemed it successful. We were advised by the local police office to put a red flag to caution vehicles around the Rolly while it moved. But as we did not possess such item, we collected a red-colored plastic bag from a nearby shop. It seems that this was sufficient.



To our surprise, all office and household items reached the new office in Kilinchchi town in one pieces.
So, what do you think? Did it terrified you or impressed you?

Next time, I’ll guide you through Kilinochchi town, where our new “headquarter” is at.
For now, I’ll end with giving you a glance of our new office.


Arisa Nishida, Program Officer

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May 14, 2015 in Sri Lanka |